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In Guatemala, there still exist various problems that obstruct the development of our community: problems such as alcoholism, poverty, illiteracy, discrimination and the disintegration of families. Discrimination against women and indigenous people are two of the most visible of these problems. Women are already at the margin of political, economic and social activities for the reason that society itself limits their opportunity to involve themselves. Most are forced to assume only domestic responsibilities instead of being able to positively contribute to the development of society. Compounded with the fact that they are indigenous and poor, the women of San Pedro thus face three types of societal discrimination: those of gender, race and economic condition. We are conscious of this situation because we live it daily in our families and in our society.

We at Corazón Maya Spanish School have decided that we cannot remain with arms crossed waiting for external solutions to these problems. As part of our community, we need to be active participants in instituting social change. Therefore, every person that chooses to study at Corazón Maya helps to support our community project. We are currently assisting eighty local indigenous girls, from low-income families. Since we believe that the lack of education is the largest problem and the root of many of the aforementioned social phenomena, we have decided help pay for the education of these girls. By investing in their futures, we hope that they will eventually be able to help change the current situation of their families and of our community.

In addition to paying for the books and other school necessities, Corazón Maya Spanish School also gives the families a monthly stipend to help pay for other costs of living. Depending on the family, this money is used to purchase things such as food, clothes or medicine.

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